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to your computer are removed from the server after 14 days. You can choose to leave the
messages on the server permanently, leave them there for a specified amount of time, or
leave them there until you delete them from Outlook.
If you access your POP email account from multiple computers, you will probably want to leave
messages on the server to ensure that they’re available to you from all your computers.
TIP If you configure Outlook to connect to a POP account from a portable computer and
experience difficulty sending email messages when connected to a public network (such as
a hotel network), it might be because the network has blocked traffic on the default
outgoing server port, port 25. If so, you can likely resolve the issue by changing the outgoing
server port on the Advanced page of the Internet E-mail Settings dialog box for the account
to port 80, 465, or 587.
After supplying the connection information for your email account and closing the Internet
E-mail Settings dialog box, you can click Test Account Settings or Next on the POP And
IMAP Account Settings page of the Add Account wizard to ensure that Outlook successfully
connects to your incoming and outgoing servers.
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