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The colors shown in the gallery change to match the colors specified by the active theme.
In the Change Colors gallery, point to a few of the icons to preview the effect of the
color scheme on your graphic. Then in the Colorful section, click the second icon
( Colorful Range – Accent Colors 2 to 3 ) to format the process diagram with a subtle
range of colors.
In the message header, enter your email address in the To box, and enter SBS
Development Process in the Subject box. Then send the message to yourself.
When you receive the message, first display it in the Reading Pane . Notice that
although you created a much larger graphic, the entire diagram is visible in the
Reading Pane .
Open the message and then resize the message window. Notice that the SmartArt
graphic resizes to it the message window. Click the SmartArt graphic in the content
pane and notice that it is now a static image (a picture). If you open the message
from your Sent Items folder, you’ll find that the same is true of the graphic in that
message. You can copy and reuse the picture in other files, such as messages,
documents, and presentations.
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