Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Click the View tab. In the Arrangement group, click the Message Preview button,
click 3 Lines , and then in the Microsoft Outlook dialog box that appears, click This
folder .
Click the View tab. In the Layout group, click the Reading Pane button, and then
click Bottom to move the Reading Pane from the right side of the content area to
the bottom.
On the View tab, in the People Pane group, click the People Pane button, and then
click Minimized .
You can modify the layout of the program window to suit the way you work.
CLEAN UP Using the techniques discussed in this topic, rearrange the Outlook
window elements to your liking.
TIP Peeks are displayed on the To-Do Bar in the order that you add them. To change the
order, remove all peeks other than the one you want on top, and then pin other peeks in
the order you want them.
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