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The program window and the windows in which you work with each type of Outlook
item have individually conigurable Quick Access Toolbars. For example, you can
display commands specific to creating and formatting message content only in message
item windows and commands specific to creating and managing tasks only in task item
TIP You might find that you work more efficiently if you organize the commands
you use frequently on the Quick Access Toolbar and then display it below the ribbon,
directly above the workspace. For information, see “Customizing the Quick Access
Toolbar” in Chapter 11, “Customize Outlook.”
At the right end of the title bar are five buttons: the Microsoft Outlook Help button
that opens the Outlook Help window; a Ribbon Display Options button that allows
you to control the display of the ribbon; and the familiar Minimize, Maximize/Restore
Down, and Close buttons.
SEE ALSO For information about the Outlook Help system, see “Getting help with
Outlook 2013” later in this chapter.
Ribbon Located below the title bar, the ribbon gathers all the commands for working
with Outlook content together in a central location.
SEE ALSO For more information, see “Working with the ribbon” later in this section.
Status bar Across the bottom of the program window, this bar displays information
about the current account and provides access to certain program functions.
The account information in the center is shown only for Exchange accounts.
SEE ALSO For information about modifying the indicators shown on the status bar,
see the sidebar “Customizing the status bar” in Chapter 11, Customize Outlook.”
By default, Outlook displays the Items In View, Unread Items In View, and Reminders
indicators (whichever are valid) at the left end of the status bar. Each of these
indicators displays at a glance the status of that feature; clicking the Reminders indicator
displays the Reminders dialog box in which you can process active reminders. For
Exchange accounts, the connection status is displayed in the center of the status bar.
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