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playing a sound, briefly changing the pointer to an envelope icon, showing an envelope
icon in the notification area, or any combination of these effects. You can also set default
options for sending a message. For example, if you are concerned about privacy, you might
choose to set the sensitivity of all new messages to Private.
The options on the Mail page are divided into 11 sections. Because this is where you’ll make
most of your changes, we’ll take a look at each of these sections.
Compose messages
The Compose Messages section of the Mail page includes options for changing the
behavior of Outlook while you’re creating a new message. These options control the way Outlook
composes and proofs text; your email signatures; and your default fonts, stationery, and
email themes.
Message composition options.
Clicking either Editor Options or Spelling And Autocorrect in the Compose Messages
section displays the Proofing page of the Editor Options dialog box. From the Proofing page,
you can set AutoCorrect options to specify how Outlook will correct and format the content
of your messages as you type them, and customize the spelling and grammar-checking
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