Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
The Proofing page of the Editor Options dialog box.
On the Advanced page of the Editor Options dialog box, you can control the way Outlook
works with text.
In the Editing Options area of this page, you can turn on or off advanced editing
features, such as how Outlook selects and moves text, whether to track formatting
changes, and whether Overtype mode is available.
In the Cut, Copy, and Paste area, you can specify whether Outlook will apply source or
destination formatting to text copied within a message, between messages, and from
other programs. You can also set options for smart cut and paste (whether to
automatically add and remove spaces as needed) and the Paste Options button (whether
it appears after a paste operation).
In the Display area, you can set whether measurements are shown in inches,
centimeters, millimeters, points, or picas; whether pixels are shown for HTML features;
whether ScreenTips display keyboard shortcuts; and whether character positioning is
optimized for layout rather than readability.
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