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Outlook panes
The Outlook Panes section of the Mail page includes only the Reading Pane button, which
opens the Reading Pane dialog box.
You can control the way you navigate through items in the Reading Pane and whether items
displayed in the Reading Pane are marked as read.
You can display the Reading Pane in any Outlook module. It is most useful in the Mail
module, of course, but can also come in handy in certain views of other modules.
By default, Outlook does not mark a message as read when you preview it in the Reading
Pane, but does so when you select another message. You can change these default settings
by selecting or clearing the Mark Items As Read When Viewed In The Reading Pane and
Mark Item As Read When Selection Changes check boxes in the Reading Pane dialog box.
With the Single Key Reading feature, which is turned on by default, you can move up or
down in the Reading Pane one page at a time by pressing the Spacebar. When you reach
the end of a message, pressing the Spacebar again displays the first page of the next
message. If you find it distracting, you can turn it off by clearing the Single Key Reading Using
Space Bar check box in the Reading Pane dialog box.
SEE ALSO For information about working in the Reading Pane, see “Viewing messages and
message attachments” in Chapter 3, “Send and receive email messages.”
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