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By default, Outlook saves the first draft of a message three minutes after you begin
composing the message, and resaves the message every three minutes thereafter. You can
choose to save message drafts as frequently as once per minute or as infrequently as every
99 minutes, or choose to turn off the message draft saving feature.
The default location for saved message drafts is the Drafts folder, which is a top-level
mailbox folder that appears in the Folder Pane at the same level as your Inbox. You can
alternatively save message drafts in your Inbox, in the Sent Items folder, or in the Outbox.
SEE ALSO For information about message drafts, see “Creating and sending messages” in
Chapter 3, “Send and receive email messages.”
Send messages
The Send Messages section of the Mail page includes options for composing and sending
messages, in addition to options for resolving names against known email addresses,
handling meeting requests after you respond, and managing the Auto-Complete List.
Message sending options.
An important option to note in this section is the Commas Can Be Used To Separate
Multiple Message Recipients option. Until you select this check box, you must separate
email addresses in the To, Cc, and Bcc boxes by using semicolons.
SEE ALSO For information about importance and sensitivity level settings, see “Changing
message settings and delivery options” in Chapter 10, “Enhance message content.”
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