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From the MailTips section of the Mail page, you can control the display of MailTips, which
are server-generated messages that appear in the header of a message composition
window to notify you of various conditions that apply to an outgoing message.
MailTips are an extremely useful feature of Microsoft Exchange Server. First introduced in
Exchange Server 2010, MailTips are designed to help you when sending a message would
result in a situation that you might want to avoid. For example, MailTips can warn you when
you’re composing a message to a sender who is currently out of the office, has a full
mailbox, or is external to your organization. MailTips can also alert you when you’re composing
a message to a large distribution group, when a message is too large for you to send or for
the recipient to receive, and when you reply to all recipients of a message that you were
Bcc’d on.
MailTips options.
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