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Your Exchange administrator can turn specific MailTips on and off, and can also configure
custom MailTips for your organization. MailTips are displayed for your information only;
they don’t stop you from sending an email message, but do let you know if the message
might not reach the intended recipient (or might reach more recipients than you intend).
TIP Policy Tips are a feature of Exchange Server 2013 that can prevent you from sending
messages that violate your company’s security policies. For example, Policy Tips can prevent
you from forwarding messages that contain bank account numbers, credit card numbers,
driver’s license numbers, or taxpayer identification numbers to external recipients. Your
Exchange administrator can configure Policy Tips that notify you of potentially sensitive
information in an outgoing message, require you to provide a business justification for
sending the message, or prevent you from sending the message. Policy Tips are managed
by your Exchange administrator and can’t be configured from within Outlook.
MailTips settings are specific to each Exchange account you have configured Outlook to
connect to. You set your MailTips preferences for each account by selecting that account
in the Apply To This Account list at the top of the dialog box.
The Tracking section of the Mail page includes options for requesting notifications when
a message that you send is delivered to a recipient and when a message is marked by the
recipient as read; and options for processing notification requests attached to messages
that you receive. This section also includes options for processing responses you receive to
meeting requests and voting requests that you send.
Message tracking options.
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