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Delivery receipts can be a useful tool when you send an important message and need to
know whether it’s reached its intended recipient. (However, not all types of email accounts
support all types of receipts.) When you receive a message that has a read receipt request
attached, Outlook prompts you to confirm whether you want to send a read receipt. You
can make this choice for each individual message or select the Never Send A Read Receipt
option to refuse all read receipt requests.
TIP Be cautious when approving read receipt requests, because some mass-mailing
companies use these to determine whether an email address is active.
Message format
The Message Format section of the Mail page includes options for specifying how Outlook
displays your message content on the screen and the format in which Outlook sends
messages outside of your organization.
Message format options.
It’s unlikely that you’ll need to change any of these options, but they are available in the
event that you want to.
The Other section of the Mail page includes options for displaying the Paste Options button,
allowing the use of Microsoft InfoPath forms, moving among open messages, and
expanding conversations when navigating through the Inbox by using the keyboard. You can also
specify what occurs when you move or delete an open item. Options include opening the
previous or next item in the folder, or returning to the folder without opening another item.
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