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Options in the Other section.
Configuring Calendar module options
Options on the Calendar page control settings for displaying and managing Outlook
calendars, and for scheduling appointments and resources.
Many Outlook users will want to configure the days and times that constitute the work
week. You do this in the Work Time section of the Calendar page. The times you specify as
work hours (on the days you specify as work days) are available in Outlook for other users
to schedule meetings with you. Specifying the first day of your work week controls the
Work Week view of the calendar.
You can select all seven days as work days if necessary.
In the Calendar Options section, you can set the default reminder time for new
appointments and meetings, control the Propose New Times settings, add the holidays of many
countries and religions to your calendar, specify the level of detail that co-workers (as a
group and individually) can see when viewing your availability, configure an additional
calendar, control the format of external meeting requests, and control the display of the
reminder icon for appointments and meetings.
SEE ALSO For information about managing holidays on the calendar, see the sidebar “Add-
ing national and religious holidays to your calendar” in Chapter 5, “Manage scheduling.”
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