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Depending on your screen resolution and the size of the program window, the
commands in a group might be displayed as labeled buttons, as unlabeled icons, or as
one or more large buttons that you click to display the commands within the group.
You can point to any button to display a ScreenTip containing the command name,
a description of its function, and its keyboard shortcut (if it has one).
ScreenTips provide helpful information about buttons.
SEE ALSO For information about controlling the display and content of ScreenTips,
see “Configuring Office and Outlook options” in Chapter 11, “Customize Outlook.”
Some buttons include an integrated or separate arrow. To determine whether a
button and arrow are integrated, point to the button to display its border. If a button and
arrow are integrated within one border, clicking the button displays a list of related
options. If the button and arrow have separate borders, clicking the button carries out
the default action indicated by the button’s current icon. You can change the default
action of the button by clicking the arrow and then clicking the action you want.
The arrow of the Use Voting Buttons button is integrated,
and the arrow of the Permission button is separate.
Related but less common commands are not represented as buttons in a group.
Instead, they’re available in a dialog box or pane, which you display by clicking the
dialog box launcher located in the lower-right corner of the group.
To the right of the groups on the ribbon is the Collapse The Ribbon button. Clicking
this button hides the commands but leaves the tab titles visible. When the groups are
hidden, the Collapse The Ribbon button changes to the Pin The Ribbon button, which
is shaped like a pushpin. You can click any tab title to temporarily display the groups,
then click a ribbon command or click away from the ribbon to hide the groups again,
or click the Pin The Ribbon button to permanently redisplay the groups.
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