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Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
The commands you use to control Outlook are available from the ribbon, located at the top
of the program window and in each Outlook item window. As you use Outlook, you will
become familiar with the locations of the commands you use most frequently. To save time,
you can place frequently used commands on the Quick Access Toolbar, which is located, by
default, in the upper-left corner of the program window. To save even more time, you can
move the Quick Access Toolbar from its default position above the ribbon to below the
ribbon, so your pointer has less distance to travel from the content you’re working with to the
command you want to invoke.
TIP If you upgraded to Outlook 2013 from an earlier version of Outlook, as you use the
program, you might identify a few commands that no longer seem to be available. Some
of the lesser-used features have been removed from the user interface, but the code for
the features is still part of the program. If you want to use one of these missing features, or
any command that is not easy to get to, you can make it a part of your Outlook working
environment by adding it to the ribbon or to the Quick Access Toolbar. You can find a list of
all the commands that do not appear on the ribbon but are still available in Outlook by
displaying the Customize Ribbon or Quick Access Toolbar page of the Outlook Options dialog
box and then clicking Commands Not In The Ribbon in the Choose Commands From list.
In the program window, the Quick Access Toolbar displays the Send/Receive button and
the Undo button. In the individual item windows, the Quick Access Toolbar displays the
Save, Undo, Redo, Previous, and Next buttons.
You can add commands to the Quick Access Toolbar in three ways:
From the Customize Quick Access Toolbar menu that appears when you click the
button at the right end of the Quick Access Toolbar. Some of the most common
commands, including the popular Quick Print command, are available from this list.
By right-clicking a command on the ribbon and then clicking Add To Quick Access
Toolbar. You can add any type of command this way; you can even add a drop-down
list of options or gallery of thumbnails.
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