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Scroll down the list of available commands to locate the New Appointment
command. Click the command, and then click Add .
Double-click the New Contact , New Email , and New Task commands to add them
to the Quick Access Toolbar .
In the Customize Quick Access Toolbar pane, click Next Item . Then scroll to the top
of the Choose commands from pane, and double-click <Separator> to set off the
original toolbar commands from those you’ve added.
In the Customize Quick Access Toolbar pane, click High Importance . Then to the
right of the pane, click the Move Down button (the down arrow) four times to move
the command to the end of the list.
Repeat step 8 to add a separator after the New Task command so that the
commands related to creating new items are in their own group.
You can move and group commands on the Quick Access Toolbar.
In the Outlook Options dialog box, click OK .
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