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You can add and remove tabs and groups of commands.
On this page, you can customize the ribbon in the following ways:
You can hide an entire tab.
You can remove a group of commands from a tab. (The group is not removed from
the program, only from the tab.)
You can move or copy a group of commands to another tab.
You can create a custom group on any tab and then add commands to it. (You cannot
add commands to a predeined group.)
You can create a custom tab. For example, you might want to do this if you use only a
few commands from each tab and you find it inefficient to switch between them.
You can experiment with the ribbon to come up with the configuration that best suits the
way you work. If at any point you find that your new ribbon is harder to work with rather
than easier, you can easily reset everything back to the default configuration.
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