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IMPORTANT Although customizing the default ribbon content might seem like a great way
of making the program yours, we don’t recommend doing so. A great deal of research has been
done about the way that people use the commands in each program, and the ribbon has been
organized to reflect the results of that research. If you modify the default ribbon settings, you
might end up inadvertently hiding or moving commands that you need. Instead, consider the
Quick Access Toolbar to be the command area that you customize and make your own. If you
add all the commands you use frequently to the Quick Access Toolbar, you can hide the ribbon
and have extra vertical space for document display (this is most convenient when working on
a smaller device). Or if you really want to customize the ribbon, do so by gathering your most
frequently used commands on a custom tab, and leave the others alone.
In this exercise, you’ll turn off tabs, remove groups, create a custom group, and add a
command to the new group. Then you’ll create a tab and move predeined groups of buttons to
it. Finally, you’ll reset the ribbon to its default state.
SET UP You don’t need any practice files to complete this exercise. Display your
Outlook Inbox, and then follow the steps.
Right-click a blank area of the Home tab, and then click Customize the Ribbon to
display the Customize Ribbon page of the Outlook Options dialog box.
With Home (Mail) selected in the Customize the Ribbon pane on the right side of
the dialog box, click the New Tab button to add a custom tab.
The new custom tab includes one custom group.
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