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Click New Tab (Custom) , and then click the Rename button. In the Rename dialog
box, replace New Tab with My Tab , and then click OK .
Click New Group (Custom) , and then click the Rename button to open a Rename
dialog box that includes icons.
The icon you choose for your group is displayed on the group button when the ribbon is not
wide enough to display the group.
In the Rename dialog box, click an icon that you like (we chose the happy face) and
replace New Group with Housekeeping . Then click OK .
Now we’ll add some commands to the custom group.
In the Choose commands from list, click File Tab to show only the commands that
are available in the Backstage view, which you display by clicking the File tab.
In the list of available commands, click Empty Deleted Items . Then click the Add
Repeat step 7 to add the Mailbox Cleanup command to the custom group.
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