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Customizing the status bar
The status bar is a horizontal bar located at the bottom of the program window. It
displays information about the contents of the currently displayed folder, overdue
reminders, send/receive status, online status, and other information. At its right end,
the status bar displays a set of zoom controls with which you can control the
magnification of content in the Reading Pane and in item windows.
Almost all the available information is shown on the status bar by default; the only
information not shown is quota information that helps you to track how much of
your available mailbox storage space is currently being used.
To change the information displayed on the status bar:
Right-click an empty area of the status bar to display the Customize Status
Bar menu.
A check mark indicates information that is currently displayed on the status bar.
Click an item on the menu to add it to or remove it from the status bar.
Some of the status bar controls are active, meaning that you can click them to display
additional information. For example, when the Reminders item appears on the status
bar, it means that you have overdue reminders. Clicking the Reminders item opens the
Reminders window in which you can see the current reminders.
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