Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Manage email settings
Create and manage Quick Steps.
Create rules to process messages.
Block unwanted messages.
Increase email security.
To more easily manage the information you receive through email, you can specify how
Microsoft Outlook 2013 alerts you to and processes incoming messages. You can also take
advantage of the many security features built into Outlook 2013 to keep your outgoing
communications secure and to protect your computer system from spam, viruses, web
beacons, and other modern electronic threats.
In this chapter, you’ll create a custom Quick Step to manually process messages in your
Inbox, automatically process incoming messages by using rules, and set up the Junk E-mail
Filter to help manage unwanted messages. Then you’ll learn about ways to help secure your
email communications.
PRACTICE FILES The exercises in this chapter use Outlook items you created in exercises in
previous chapters. If an exercise requires an item that you don’t have, you can complete the
exercise in which you create the item before beginning the current exercise, or you can
substitute a similar item of your own.
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