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In the Flag list, click Flag for Recipients to open the Flag Message dialog box.
You can lag an outgoing message for the recipient to follow up.
TIP Selecting any lagging option other than Flag For Recipients lags the message
only for you, the sender. You can use this same option when you manually create or
respond to a message.
In the Flag list, click No Response Necessary . In the By box, click the down arrow
one time to set the lag time to 0 days. Then click OK to return to the Edit Quick
Step dialog box.
In the Tex t box, enter This message was created by an Outlook 2013
Quick Step!
Select the Automatically send after 1 minute delay check box.
Below the existing New Message action, click the Add Action button to display a
second list of actions.
You can add more actions to the Quick Step by clicking an action in the list. However,
the Quick Step you have created is one that doesn’t take action on an existing
message, so the other actions aren’t appropriate.
To the right of the Choose an Action list, click the Delete button to remove the
unconigured action from the Quick Step.
In the Shortcut key list, click Ctrl+Shift+1 .
In the Tooltip text box, enter Send myself a message to complete the
configuration of your Quick Step.
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