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Click the SBS Messages Quick Step, and then in the Folder Pane , click your Outbox .
Because you chose the Automatically send a fter 1 minute delay check box, the
message sits in your Outbox for one minute, and then is sent.
Display your Inbox and open the SBS Quick Step Message message. Notice the
InfoBar at the top of the message header.
The Quick Step message you configured is automatically created and sent.
CLEAN UP Close the message window before continuing to the next exercise.
Creating rules to process messages
You can have Outlook evaluate your incoming or outgoing email messages and take various
actions with them based on sets of instructions you set up, called rules . You can create rules
based on different message criteria, such as the message sender, message recipients,
message content, attachments, and importance. By using rules, you can have Outlook move,
copy, delete, forward, redirect, reply to, or otherwise process messages based on the criteria
you specify. You can choose from a collection of standard rules or create your own.
If you have a Microsoft Exchange Server account, you can set up rules that are applied to
messages as they are received or processed by your Exchange server, and rules that go into
effect only when you indicate that you are unavailable, by setting up an Automatic Reply.
Whether or not you have an Exchange account, you can set up rules that are applied to
messages stored on your computer.
SEE ALSO For information about setting up Outlook to respond to and process messages
for you, see “Automatically replying to messages” in Chapter 13, “Work remotely.”
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