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In this exercise, you’ll create a rule to process incoming messages that meet specific criteria.
SET UP You need the SBS Quick Step Message message you created in the previous
exercise and the contents of the SBS Messages folder you created in Chapter 7. If you
have not already created and populated the folder, you can do so now, or you can
substitute any messages in your Inbox and adjust the rule criteria accordingly. Display your
Inbox, and then follow the steps.
On the Info page of the Backstage view, click the Manage Rules & Alerts button
to display the Email Rules page of the Rules and Alerts dialog box.
Your organization might have server-based rules that are not displayed in this dialog box.
TIP If you have Outlook configured to connect to multiple accounts, you can choose
the account or accounts for which you want to manage rules from a list that appears
in the upper-right corner of the Rules And Alerts dialog box. If multiple accounts
are listed as a single selection, you can choose a specific account by specifying the
Through The Specified Account condition when creating the rule.
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