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The width of the ribbon depends on these three factors:
Program window width Maximizing the program window provides the most space
for the ribbon. To maximize the window, click the Maximize button, drag the borders
of a non-maximized window, or drag the window title bar to the top of the screen
until it resizes.
Screen resolution Screen resolution is the size of your screen display expressed as
pixels wide × pixels high . The greater the screen resolution, the greater the amount of
information that will it on one screen. Your screen resolution options are dependent
on the display adapter installed in your computer, and your monitor. Common screen
resolutions range from 800 × 600 to 2560 × 1600. The greater the number of pixels
wide (the first number), the greater the number of buttons that can be shown on the
To change your screen resolution, first display the Screen Resolution control panel
item (available by right-clicking the desktop and then clicking Screen Resolution). In
the Screen Resolution window, click the Resolution arrow, click or drag to select the
screen resolution you want, and then click Apply or OK.
The magnification of your screen display If you increase the screen magnification
in Windows, text and user interface elements are larger and therefore more legible,
but fewer elements it on the screen. You can set the magnification from 100 to 500
You can change the screen magnification from the Display control panel item (avail-
able within the Appearance And Personalization group, or by right-clicking the
desktop, clicking Personalization, and then clicking Display in the lower-left corner of
the window). To change the screen magnification to a magnification that is available
in the Display window, click that option. To select another magnification, click the
Custom Sizing Options link and then, in the Custom Sizing Options dialog box, click
the magnification you want in the list or drag the ruler to change the magnification
even more (the cursor changes to a pointer to indicate that you’re dragging). After
you click OK in the Custom Sizing Options dialog box, the custom magnification is
shown in the Display window along with any warnings about possible problems with
selecting that magnification. Click Apply in the Display window to apply the selected
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