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Outlook disables functionality in a message that it suspects to be spam.
Although the response options on the ribbon are active, you can’t reply to a message from
the Junk E-mail folder—you must first move it to the Inbox or another folder. You can
forward a message from the Junk E-mail folder; you might want to forward a message to
someone else who can verify for you whether the message is valid. The forwarded message
will be in plain-text format rather than in the original message format.
You can delete messages from the Junk E-mail folder or indicate to Outlook how you would
like the Junk E-mail filter to handle similar messages in the future.
To process a message from the Junk E-mail folder:
Select or open the message you want to process.
On the Home tab (if you selected the message) or the Message tab (if you opened
the message), in the Delete group, click the Junk button to display the options for
processing the message.
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