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You can configure Outlook to block or allow specific senders.
Click one of the first four options in the Junk list to block the sender or to add the
sender, the sender’s domain, or the recipient group to your Safe Senders or Safe
Recipients list. Clicking any of these options does not remove the message from the
Junk E-mail folder.
To move the message to your Inbox , click Not Junk . If you want to add the sender to
your Safe Senders list, select the Always trust e-mail from check box in the Mark as
Not Junk message box. Then click OK .
The dialog box might look different, depending on your Outlook email account configuration.
TIP The Always Trust Email Sent To The Following Addresses box lists all message
recipients. Selecting an email address in the list adds that message recipient to your
Safe Recipients list. Think very carefully before taking this action, because it could
expose you to spam or malicious content.
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