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If you want Outlook to automatically delete suspected junk email, select the
Permanently Delete Suspected Junk E-mail Instead Of Moving It To The Junk E-mail Folder
check box. Do not select this check box if you set the protection level to High or to
Safe Lists Only. With these settings, it is likely that the Junk E-mail Filter will catch
quite a few valid messages that you don’t want deleted.
Note that the options to disable links and display warnings about suspicious domain
names are unavailable to change. These settings are selected by default. Unless you
are very confident that you have another protective system in place, leave these
options selected.
On the Safe Senders page, you can add a specific person’s email address to the Safe
Senders list (for example, or specify that email received from
any sender at a particular domain is safe by adding only the domain (for example,
To ensure that messages from your legitimate contacts aren’t moved to the Junk
E-mail folder, you can select the two check boxes at the bottom of the dialog box.
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