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To obtain a digital ID to sign or encrypt outgoing documents and messages:
On the Trust Center page of the Outlook Options dialog box, click Trust Center
Settings , and then display the E-mail Security page of the Trust Center dialog box.
The Publish To GAL button is available only in a centrally administered Exchange environment.
In the Digital IDs (Certificates) area of the Email Security page, click Get a Digital
ID to display the Digital ID page of the Microsoft Office website in your default web
browser. This page lists providers from whom you can obtain a digital ID to certify
documents and email messages.
TIP If you want to use a certification authority other than one of those listed on the
Office website, search the web for digital ID or certification authority , and you’ll find
a number of options. You can apply for a digital ID from any certification
authority through its website. Digital IDs from providers other than those recommended
on the Microsoft website might have compatibility issues with Windows Internet
Click the link at the end of a provider’s description to display the provider’s website.
Follow the instructions on the website to register for a digital ID. Some certifying
authorities charge a small fee, but most offer free digital IDs or a free trial period. As
part of the process, you’ll likely be required to respond to an email message from
your computer.
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