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The commercial digital ID will be installed on the computer on which you complete the
application process, but it is associated with your email address; if you need to use it on
another computer, you can reinstall it from the provider’s site, or you can export the
digital ID files from the original computer and import them on the other computer.
To export or import a digital ID:
On the E-mail Security page of the Trust Center dialog box, in the Digital IDs
(Certificates) area, click Import/Export .
In the Import/Export Digital ID dialog box, select whether you want to import or
export your digital ID. Then provide the appropriate information, and click OK .
To obtain an S/MIME digital ID for use only on your computer, follow these steps:
On the E-mail Security page of the Trust Center dialog box, click the Get a Digital ID
A digital ID permits you to authenticate items you create, only on your computer.
Follow the instructions on the resulting webpage to obtain the digital ID you want.
After creating the certificate, you can assign it a friendly name in the Certificate
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