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To manage your certificates:
Press the Windows key, enter certificate , and then in the search results, click
Manage user certificates to start the Certificate Manager .
In the certmgr console, expand the Personal node, and then click Certificates .
Your personal certificates are tracked in the Certificate Manager.
3 To give a friendly name to a certificate, right-click the certificate and click Properties .
Enter the friendly name, and then click OK .
TIP Your organization’s IT administrator or Exchange administrator might be able to issue
you a digital ID.
You can have more than one digital ID on your computer, and you can select which one to
use for each document or message. For example, you might have one digital ID for business
use and one for personal use.
Digitally signing messages
You can digitally sign individual messages when you compose them, or you can instruct
Outlook to digitally sign all outgoing messages.
The first time you digitally sign a message, you need to configure your security settings to
use your digital certificate. You must do this from the Trust Center dialog box.
TROUBLESHOOTING You can follow a similar process to configure security settings from
the message window, but at the time we prepared this book for publication, Outlook did
not correctly complete the process from that location, so use the Trust Center process.
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