Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Save/Save As Save the active or selected item as a file to a local, network, or
Internet location.
Save Attachments Save attachments to a local, network, or Internet location.
(Available only when the active or selected item has attachments.)
Print Select a printer, set print options, preview the effect of the applied options,
and print module content or selected items.
Office Account Access information about your Outlook or Office installation,
manage product activation, product keys, user settings, and connected services.
The Backstage view also includes a link to the Outlook Options window, from which you can
manage program settings, and links to close the active item or exit the program.
SEE ALSO For information about managing program settings, see “Configuring Office and
Outlook options” in Chapter 11, “Customize Outlook.”
You redisplay the program or item and the ribbon by clicking the Back arrow located above
the page tabs or the Exit command at the bottom of the left pane.
Getting help with Outlook 2013
Whenever you have a question about Outlook 2013 that isn’t answered in this topic, your
first recourse is the Outlook Help system. This system is a combination of articles, videos,
and training tools available from the Office website for reference when you are online, and
basic information stored on your computer for reference when you are ofline.
You can find Help resources in the following ways:
To find out about an item on the screen, you can point to the item to display a
ScreenTip. For example, to display a ScreenTip for a button, point to the button
without clicking it. The ScreenTip gives the button’s name, the associated keyboard
shortcut if there is one, and unless you specify otherwise, a description of what the
button does when you click it.
In the Outlook program window, you can click the Microsoft Outlook Help button (a
question mark) near the right end of the title bar to open the Outlook Help window.
In a dialog box, you can click the Help button near the right end of the dialog box
title bar to open the Outlook Help window and display any available topics related
to the functions of that dialog box.
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