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In this chapter, you’ll first configure Cached Exchange Mode so you can work ofline in
Outlook with a variety of items. You’ll learn ways of working efficiently with Outlook items
while you have a slow Internet connection. Then you’ll set up automatic replies. Finally,
you’ll connect SharePoint document libraries, lists, and calendars to Outlook.
PRACTICE FILES You don’t need any practice files to complete the exercises in this chapter.
Working with Outlook items while ofline
Wireless Internet connections are now available at many coffee shops, restaurants, airports,
and even on airplanes, either for free or for a small fee. It’s easier than ever to connect
to the Internet, but sometimes you will want to use your computer ofline. You can use
Outlook even when you don’t have a connection to your mail server. You can read and
create messages and other Outlook items while your computer is ofline exactly as you do
when it is online, by using the Cached Exchange Mode feature. This feature was introduced
as an option with Outlook 2003 and, depending on your email service, might be stipulated
as a requirement when you configure Outlook to connect to your account. It generally
works in the background without any interaction from you.
Cached Exchange Mode creates a local copy (a copy that resides on your computer) of the
contents of your Microsoft Exchange Server account mailbox. When you are working
online (connected to Exchange), messages, appointments, meetings, tasks, and other Outlook
items are synchronized between the server and the local cache. As a result, when you go
ofline (disconnect from Exchange, either voluntarily or involuntarily), you can still open and
work with all your existing Outlook items—including attachments—as usual. You can’t
receive messages while you’re ofline, but you can send them—at least as far as your Outbox,
where they are held until the next time Outlook connects to Exchange. Cached Exchange
Mode has greatly streamlined the ofline working process, making it simple, for example,
to catch up on email on your laptop when you’re in an airplane—of the old-fashioned sort,
without onboard Internet.
Using Cached Exchange Mode in Outlook 2013, you can have ofline access not only to the
contents of your Exchange mailbox, but also to the contents of shared folders and public
folders (if your organization uses them) that you have marked as your favorites.
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