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Downloading an ofline address book makes it easy to find contact information when you’re
not online.
TIP If the send/receive options are unavailable (dimmed) and the account icon is
marked with a red X rather than blue circling arrows, the selected account isn’t
included in the scheduled send/receive operation for this group. To activate the send/
receive options for the account, select the Include The Selected Account In This
Group check box.
In the Send/Receive Settings dialog box, select the account for which you want to
configure the address book download, and then clear the Download ofline address
book check box. Then click OK in the Send/Receive Settings dialog box, and click
Close in the Send/Receive Groups dialog box.
TIP You can turn off the automatic address book update entirely by clearing the
Download Ofline Address Book check box in the Send/Receive Settings dialog box.
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