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To manually update your ofline address book, follow these steps:
On the Send/Receive tab, in the Send & Receive group, click the Send/Receive
Groups button and then, in the list, click Download Address Book to display the
relevant download options in the Ofline Address Book dialog box.
In the Ofline Address Book dialog box, with the Download changes since last
Send/Receive check box selected, click OK .
TIP You can download an entirely new copy of the address book by clearing the
Download Changes Since Last Send/Receive check box before clicking OK.
Managing download options for slow
When you have a high-speed Internet connection, you probably give very little thought to
the size of the messages, and particularly the message attachments, that other people send
to you. When your computer has a slow Internet connection, however, downloading large
attachments can keep Outlook busy for a long time and cause it to perform slowly. To
prevent such delays, you can select the Cached Exchange Mode download option that is most
appropriate for your current Internet connection.
Outlook offers these Cached Exchange Mode download options:
Download Full Items This option downloads all your messages and their
attachments one at a time. When your computer is online and you have a high-speed
Internet connection, this is the best option because it uses the least bandwidth to
download all your messages. If you have a slow connection or receive messages that
have large attachments, messages might be slow to appear in your Inbox when you
reconnect to your server.
Download Headers and Then Full Items This option downloads all the message
headers quickly so that you can evaluate them while downloading the message
bodies and attachments.
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