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Download Headers This option downloads only the message headers, and does not
download the body of messages or their attachments until you preview or open the
messages. This is the best option if your connection is very slow or if you are charged
for the amount of bandwidth you actually use. You can evaluate a message based
on its header information (such as sender, subject, or message size) and then choose
whether to download the message and any attachments.
On Slow Connections Download Only Headers You can select this option in
addition to the Download Full Items option or the Download Headers and Then Full Items
option. When Outlook detects that its connection to Exchange is slow, it downloads
only the message header, but when the connection is not slow, it uses the original
option. This option is not available when Download Headers is selected.
When you’re connecting to the Internet through a local area network (LAN), broadband, or
other fast connection, you probably won’t notice much difference between the first two
options. You’ll notice obvious differences with the third option, and it might take some practice
to determine whether to download a message based on only a few words in its header.
You can manage download options from the Send/Receive tab of the ribbon in any module.
General download options are in the Download Preferences list; download options
for individual items are in the Server group.
To view or change general download options, click the Download Preferences button in the
Preferences group on the Send/Receive tab, and then click to select Download Full Items,
Download Headers And Then Full Items, or Download Headers. (A check mark indicates
the selected option.) If you usually have a fast Internet connection but might also use your
computer in locations with slow Internet connections, also select On Slow Connections
Download Only Headers.
If you choose the Download Headers option or the On Slow Connections Download Only
Headers option, you can control the download of full items by using the commands in the
Server group. After your computer downloads message headers to your Inbox, you can
mark specific item headers to indicate that you want to download the entire item; if you
change your mind, you can unmark one or all the marked items. After marking the items
you want to download, click the Process Marked Headers button to download the full items.
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