Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Explore Outlook 2013
Work in the Outlook program window.
Work in the Mail module.
Work in the Calendar module.
Work in the People module.
Work in the Tasks module.
The Microsoft Outlook 2013 user interface includes many features and tools to help you
easily store, find, and display information. Outlook functionality is divided among several
modules that are specific to the content you work with in them, including Mail, Calendar,
People, and Tasks. You display and work with one module at a time in the program window.
The program window elements of each module present content-specific functionality.
The program window ribbon in each Outlook module displays commands specific to
working with the Outlook items created and stored in that module. Similarly, the ribbon in each
type of Outlook item window has a unique tab that displays commands specific to creating
that type of item.
In this chapter, you’ll first learn about the features and tools available in the Outlook
program window. Then, you’ll explore item window features in message windows, calendar
item windows, contact record windows, and task windows.
PRACTICE FILES You don’t need any practice files to complete the exercises in this chapter.
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