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You can display any module by clicking the corresponding link or button on the Navigation
Bar. If a module link or button doesn’t appear on the Navigation Bar, click the ellipsis at the
right end of the Navigation Bar, and then click the module name to display it.
KEYBOARD SHORTCUT Hold down the Ctrl key and then press 1 for Mail, 2 for Calendar, 3
for Contacts, 4 for Tasks, 5 for Notes, 6 for Folders, 7 for Shortcuts, or 8 for Journal to switch
between modules. For more information about keyboard shortcuts, see “Keyboard
shortcuts” at the end of this topic.
You can “peek” at the current content of the Calendar, People, or Tasks module by
pointing to the module link or button. The Calendar peek displays this month’s Date Navigator
and today’s appointments, the People peek displays the contacts you’ve saved as favorites
and a search box, and the Tasks peek displays your upcoming tasks and a new task entry
box. Clicking the Dock The Peek button in the upper-right corner of any peek pane pins
the peek to the To-Do Bar (and displays the To-Do Bar in the program window, if it wasn’t
already open).
Peeks display information that in previous versions
of Outlook was shown only on the To-Do Bar.
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