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In the Mail module, the Folder Pane displays the Favorites list and the folder structure of
your mailbox (or mailboxes, if you have set up multiple email accounts). The folders you
add to your Favorites list are displayed at the top of the Folder Pane when it is open, and
on the minimized Folder Pane when it is minimized.
Until you add folders to your Favorites list, it displays the message Drag Your Favorite
Folders Here. You can add a folder to the Favorites list by using any of these methods:
Drag the folder to the Favorites list.
Right-click the folder, and then click Show In Favorites.
Click the folder, and then on the Folder tab, in the Favorites group, click the
Show In Favorites button.
TIP If you have Outlook configured to connect to multiple email accounts, you might find
it convenient and efficient to add the Inbox folders of each account to the Favorites list, so
you can easily access all your messages in one location.
When you connect to any type of email account, these eight folders are available in each
Inbox By default, Outlook delivers new messages to this folder.
Drafts Outlook stores temporary copies of in-progress messages in this folder, which
is created the first time you save a message without sending it. Outlook might also
create a draft for you while you work, if you don’t send the message immediately.
SEE ALSO For information about creating and working with message drafts, see
“Creating and sending messages” in Chapter 3, “Send and receive email messages.”
Sent Items When you send a message, Outlook stores a copy of it in this folder. You
can change this setting if you would prefer to store sent messages elsewhere or if
you prefer to not store sent messages, but the safest option is to stick to this default
Deleted Items Outlook items that you delete from other folders are held in this
folder. They are not deleted permanently until you empty the folder.
SEE ALSO For information about deleting and restoring items, see the sidebar
“Deleting messages” in Chapter 7, “Organize your Inbox.”
Junk E-Mail Outlook delivers messages blocked by the spam filter to this folder.
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