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Outbox Outlook holds outgoing messages in this folder while establishing a
connection to your mail server.
RSS Feeds Website information feeds you subscribe to are available from this folder.
When you first start Outlook, you might find information feeds recommended by
Microsoft here.
Search Folders These folders contain up-to-date results of searches you’ve conducted
for messages that match specific search criteria.
Other folders might be installed by your email service provider.
In previous versions of Outlook, you could display additional folders by clicking the Folders
button at the bottom of what was then called the Navigation Pane. In Outlook 2013, you
can display the Folder List by clicking the ellipsis at the end of the Navigation Bar and then
clicking Folders (or by increasing the number of visible items on the Navigation Bar) so that
the Folders button is visible, and then clicking the Folders button). The Folder List includes
these additional folders for Exchange account mailboxes:
Calendar Contains the contents of the Outlook Calendar module.
Contacts Contains the contents of the Outlook People module.
Journal Contains the contents of the Outlook Journal module.
Notes Contains the contents of the Outlook Notes module.
Suggested Contacts If you upgraded to Outlook 2013 from Outlook 2010, and
already had this folder, which was created by the previous version of Outlook, the
folder migrates to the new version. It contains a list of email addresses with which
you’ve recently corresponded that are not in your primary address book.
Sync Issues Contains a list of conflicts and communication failures on your mail
server or in your mailbox.
Tasks Contains the contents of the Outlook Tasks module.
User-created folders Any calendar, contact, or task folders you create are visible in the
Folder List displayed in the Folder Pane when you click Folders on the Navigation Bar.
Public Folders If your organization uses Exchange public folders, a link to these
appears at the same level as your mailbox (rather than within it).
If you connect or subscribe to any SharePoint lists or Internet calendars, links to these
groups appear at the same level as your mailbox.
KEYBOARD SHORTCUT Press Ctrl+6 to display the Folder List in the Folder Pane.
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