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SEE ALSO For more information about the Bcc field, message header, message body, and
People Pane, see “Creating and sending messages” in Chapter 3, “Send and receive email
When opened from a message composition window, the Backstage view includes
commands related to message management tasks, such as saving message and message
attachments and closing, restricting permissions to, moving, resending, recalling, and
printing messages.
The Backstage view of a message composition window.
Commands on the ribbon of a message composition window are organized on five tabs:
Message Includes a selection of the commands you are most likely to use when
creating a new message, some of which are also available on other ribbon tabs. Specific
to this tab are commands for inserting and validating email addresses, marking an
outgoing message for follow-up, indicating the importance of an outgoing message
to the message recipient, and magnifying the message content.
The Message tab of the message composition window ribbon.
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