Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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SEE ALSO For information about turning off the display of the Mini Toolbar, see
“Configuring Office and Outlook options” in Chapter 11, “Customize Outlook.”
On the Mini Toolbar , click the Font arrow, and then in the Font list, click Arial
Rounded MT Bold to change the text to the selected font. (If the Mini Toolbar
disappears before you can complete the step, use the commands in the Basic Text
group on the Message tab.)
On the Message tab, in the Basic Text group, click the Increase Font Size button
twice to increase the font size to 14 points, and then click the Center button to move
the selected paragraph to the horizontal center of the message content pane.
KEYBOARD SHORTCUT Press Ctrl+> to increase the font size and Ctrl+E to center the
Point to the other buttons in the Basic Text group, and note their functionality as
described in the ScreenTips that appear. Then click the Basic Text dialog box launcher
to open the Font dialog box.
The Font dialog box includes settings that aren’t available from the Message tab.
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