Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
In the lower-left corner of the dialog box, click the Tex t Effects button to open the
Format Tex t Effects dialog box. On the Text Fill & Outline page, click the Tex t Fill
and Tex t Outline headings to expand these sections. Notice the types of formatting
you can apply from this page.
The Text Fill & Outline settings govern the basic
appearance of the lettering.
In the Tex t Fill area, click the Color button, and then at the top of the Theme Colors
palette, click the orange swatch ( Orange, Accent 2 ).
At the top of the dialog box, click the Tex t Effects button (the button on the right)
to display the Tex t Effects page, which contains the Shadow , Reflection , Glow , Soft
Edges , and 3-D Format settings. Click each of the headings to expand the sections
and notice the many ways in which you can format the appearance of text within an
email message.
TIP You can’t format the content of the message header fields.
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