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At the right end of the ribbon, click the Collapse the Ribbon button to hide the
groups so that only the tabs are visible.
KEYBOARD SHORTCUT Press Ctrl+F1 to collapse or display the ribbon.
On the Quick Access Toolbar , click the Undo button to revert the formatting you
applied from the Tex t Effects dialog box.
KEYBOARD SHORTCUT Press Ctrl+Z to undo the most recent change.
On the collapsed ribbon, click the Format Text tab, and then in the Font group, click
the Clear All Formatting button to revert the text to its original font and size.
TIP Clicking a tab on the minimized ribbon temporarily expands it so that you can
perform a single command. You can collapse the ribbon without performing an
action by clicking anywhere away from it or by pressing Esc. Double-clicking a tab or
clicking the Expand The Ribbon button restores the ribbon to its maximized state.
Click the File tab to display the Info page of the Backstage view. Then in the left
pane, click Close .
Outlook prompts you to save or discard the draft message.
SEE ALSO For information about message drafts, see “Creating and sending
messages” in Chapter 3, “Send and receive email messages.”
In the Microsoft Outlook message box, click No to close the message window.
CLEAN UP Open a new message window, click the Ribbon Display Options button
to the right end of the title bar, click Show Tabs And Commands, and then close the
message window to reset the ribbon before continuing to the next exercise.
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