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Calendar item windows
We refer to a window in which you create or respond to an appointment as an appointment
window, to a meeting as a meeting window, and to an event as an event window; collectively,
we refer to these windows as calendar item windows . Like the message windows, the calendar
item windows contain their own commands arranged on the ribbon.
A new appointment window.
Each calendar item window includes two pages:
Appointment On this page, you can perform all the necessary tasks related to
creating and managing the item content.
Scheduling/Scheduling Assistant On this page, you can view the schedules of other
people in your organization who you want to invite to a meeting or event.
TIP The name of this page varies depending on the type of account for which you’re
creating the calendar item.
The calendar item window interface includes the Quick Access Toolbar, the ribbon, and the
content area that displays the appointment, message, or event information.
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