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On the Home tab of the Calendar module, in the New group, click New Items , and
then click All Day Event to open an untitled event window.
The Appointment page of an event window.
TIP You can also open an Event window by selecting the All Day Event check box in
the header of an appointment window.
The Event tab contents are nearly identical to the Appointment tab contents—the
only change is that on the Event tab, in the Options group, your time is shown as Free
by default rather than Busy, and the reminder is set to display 18 hours prior to the
event rather than 15 minutes.
TIP You can invite people to an event in the same way you do to a meeting, by
clicking the Invite Attendees button from within an event window.
In the Start time area, clear the All day event check box to change the event to an
On the Appointment tab, in the Options group, click the Time Zones button to
display a new field containing the time zone for each of the start and end times.
With this useful feature, you can schedule an appointment that crosses time
zones—for example, a light from New York to London.
SEE ALSO For more information about displaying more than one time zone in your
calendar, see “Configuring time zones” in Chapter 8, “Manage your calendar.”
CLEAN UP Click the Time Zones button to hide the time zone settings if you don’t
want to display them. Then close the appointment window without saving your changes.
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