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When a contact record includes an address, you can quickly locate the address
in Bing Maps by clicking Map It on the More menu.
KEYBOARD SHORTCUT Press Ctrl+F to create an email message with the selected
contact record attached. Press Ctrl+Shift+X to open the webpage associated with
the contact record.
Click to position the cursor in the Notes box of the contact record. Then click the
Insert , Format Text , and Review tabs in turn to see the available commands. Notice
that the commands on these tabs are identical to those in a message window; you
can insert and format any of the standard Office graphic elements in the notes that
you save with a contact record.
TIP Many commands on the Insert, Format Text, and Review tabs of a contact
record window are unavailable when the cursor is located anywhere other than in the
notes pane.
In the left pane of the Backstage view of the contact record, click Close . Then in
the Microsoft Outlook message box that asks whether you want to save changes,
click No .
TIP By clicking Close in the Backstage view or on the menu that opens when you
click the Outlook icon at the left end of the title bar, or by clicking the Close button
at the right end of the title bar, you have the option to not save changes to the
contact record. Clicking the Save & Close button in the Actions group on the Contact tab
saves the contact record without further prompting.
CLEAN UP If you created a contact record while experimenting in the contact record
window that you don’t want to keep, right-click the contact record in the Contacts pane,
and then click Delete.
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