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In Depth Information
Screen Resolution
Click an empty area of the Screen
Display Settings
dialog box
Resolution window to close the
resolution slider.
Click the OK button to change
the screen resolution and display
the Display Settings dialog box
(Figure 49).
Keep changes
Click the Keep changes button
(Display Settings dialog box) to
accept the new screen resolution.
Why does a message display stating
that the image quality can be
Some computer monitors are designed to display contents better at a certain screen
resolution, sometimes referred to as an optimal resolution.
Figure 49
To Quit an Ofi ce Program with One Document Open
When you quit an Ofi ce program, such as Word, if you have made changes to a i le since the last time the i le
was saved, the Ofi ce program displays a dialog box asking if you want save the changes you made to the i le before
it closes the program window. The dialog box contains three buttons with these resulting actions: the Save button
saves the changes and then quits the Ofi ce program, the Don’t Save button quits the Ofi ce program without saving
changes, and the Cancel button closes the dialog box and redisplays the i le without saving the changes.
If no changes have been made to an open document since the last time the i le was saved, the Ofi ce program
will close the window without displaying a dialog box.
The following steps quit an Ofi ce program. In the following example, Word is used to illustrate quitting an
Ofi ce program; however, you would follow the same steps regardless of the Ofi ce program you were using.
Close button
If necessary, click the Word program
button on the taskbar to display the
Word window on the desktop.
right side of the program’s title bar,
Word in this case (Figure 50).
Point to the Close button on the
Figure 50
Click the Close button to close the document and quit Word.
What if I have more than one document open in an Ofi ce program?
You would click the Close button for each open document. When you click the last open document’s Close button, the
Ofi ce program also quits. As an alternative, you could click File on the Ribbon to open the Backstage view and then
click Exit in the Backstage view to close all open documents and quit the Ofi ce program.
What is the Backstage view?
The Backstage view contains a set of commands that enable you to manage documents and
data about the documents. The Backstage view is discussed in more depth later in this chapter.
Other Ways
1. Right-click the Ofi ce
program button on
Windows 7 taskbar, click
Close window or ‘Close
all windows’ on shortcut
2. Press ALT + F4
the document since the last save.
If a Microsoft Word dialog box appears, click the Save button to save any changes made to
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