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Click the Start button on the
Windows 7 taskbar to display the
Start menu.
program name
Microsoft PowerPoint
as the search text in the 'Search
programs and i les' text box and
watch the search results appear on
the Start menu (Figure 52).
search results — your
search results may differ
Do I need to type the complete
program name or correct
No, just enough of it for the
program name to appear on the
Start menu. For example, you may
be able to type PowerPoint or
powerpoint, instead of Microsoft
Microsoft PowerPoint
entered as search text
Figure 52
Start button
Restore Down button
replaces Maximize button
title of blank presentation
is Presentation1
Click the program
title bar
name, Microsoft
PowerPoint 2010
in this case, in the
search results on the
Start menu to start
PowerPoint and
display a new blank
presentation in the
PowerPoint window.
If the program
title text
Click to add
title label
window is not
maximized, click the
Maximize button
on its title bar to
maximize the window
(Figure 53).
Normal view button
is selected when you
start PowerPoint
Windows taskbar displays
PowerPoint program
button, indicating
PowerPoint is running
Figure 53
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