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Ribbon The Ribbon in PowerPoint is similar to the one in Word and the other Microsoft Ofi ce programs. When
you start PowerPoint, the Ribbon displays nine main tabs: File, Home, Insert, Design, Transitions, Animations,
Slide Show, Review, and View.
To Enter Content in a Title Slide
With the exception of a blank slide and a slide with a picture and caption, PowerPoint assumes every new
slide has a title. Many of PowerPoint’s layouts have both a title text placeholder and at least one content placeholder.
To make creating a presentation easier, any text you type after a new slide appears becomes title text in the title
text placeholder. As you begin typing text in the title text placeholder, the title text also is displayed in the Slide 1
thumbnail in the Slides tab. The presentation title for this presentation is Xanada Investments. The following steps
enter a presentation title on the title slide.
dashed lines around
border indicate
placeholder is selected
Click the label ‘Click to add
sizing handles
title’ located inside the title text
placeholder (shown in Figure 53
on page OFF 38) to select the
placeholder (Figure 55).
label disappears
when placeholder
is selected
I-beam mouse
insertion point
Figure 55
Save button
Xanada Investments
in the title text placeholder. Do not
press the ENTER key because you do
not want to create a new line of
text (Figure 56).
What are the white squares and
circles that appear around the
title text placeholder as I type the
presentation title?
The white squares and circles are
sizing handles, which you can drag
to change the size of the title text
placeholder. Sizing handles also can
be found around other placeholders
and objects within a presentation.
title text entered in
Figure 56
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