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To Open a Recent Ofi ce File Using the Backstage View
You sometimes need to open a i le that you recently modii ed. You may have more changes to make such as
adding more content or correcting errors. The Backstage view allows you to access recent i les easily. The following
steps reopen the Koala Exhibit Gala i le just closed.
File tab
Click File on the Ribbon to open the
Backstage view.
Backstage view to display the
Recent gallery (Figure 62).
Click the Recent tab in the
Koala Exhibit Gala
presentation i le name
Click the desired i le name in the
Recent tab
Recent gallery, Koala Exhibit Gala in
this case, to open the i le (shown in
Figure 60 on page OFF 43).
right pane
shows recent
save locations
left pane
shows recently
used i les
Can I use the Backstage view to
open a recent i le in other Ofi ce
programs, such as Word and Excel?
Yes, as long as the i le name appears
in the list of recent i les in the
Recent gallery.
Exit command
Figure 62
Other Ways
1. Click Start button,
point to program
name, click i le name
on submenu
2. Click File on Ribbon,
click Open in Backstage
view, navigate to i le
(Open dialog box), click
Open button
To Quit an Ofi ce Program
You are i nished using PowerPoint. Thus, you should quit this Ofi ce program. The
following steps quit PowerPoint.
If you have one Ofi ce document open, click the Close button on the right side of the title
bar to close the document and quit the Ofi ce program; or if you have multiple Ofi ce
documents open, click File on the Ribbon to open the Backstage view and then click Exit in
the Backstage view to close all open documents and quit the Ofi ce program.
If a dialog box appears, click the Save button to save any changes made to the document
since the last save.
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